The Space Industry

At a time when market dynamics are placing a premium on skilled people,

Nebula Space’s focus on recruitment excellence is what helps us stand out from the crowd.

Countries across the world recognise the long-term benefits of investing in the space industry as a means of developing their economies, but a major challenge is the availability of the right people to take them forward.

The space sector sits at the forefront of innovation across a wide range of professional domains, with a dependency on people with high levels of education and skills. Companies and economies seek the most qualified and experienced employees to establish a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

At the same time, employers’ desire to maintain staffing flexibility and individuals’ changing employment preferences have led to a growing contractor market. This is likely to increase as demand outstrips supply for key roles, and may grow more widely with international career opportunity.

Nebula Space understand all of this and are here to help. Our in-depth experience of the space industry helps clients attract the right people and assist individuals in securing the roles that offer the challenge, progress and development they seek.

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