Prasidh Bhat

Senior Consultant


Prasidh has over 15 years of experience as a recruitment consultant across all sorts of industries all over the globe. He started by providing services to sales professionals in the US and Canada before advancing to the manufacturing industry and even the mining industry. He then found himself excelling at recruitment within the automotive industry in Germany before he found his next challenge, the space industry!

Prasidh admits that this role has been the most challenging of his career, but it’s also the most rewarding too. The technical backgrounds and the roles themselves may be different to what came before, but the knowledge and interest he has garnered over his years with Nebula Space have made this role his proudest of his career.

Outside of work Prasidh is passionate about travelling the world and riding motorcycles, although there’s nothing he likes more than playing a game of cricket all day or watching an epic action movie of an evening.


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