Demand For Space Professionals Is Growing, Here’s How To Attract The Talent You Need

The UK, Europe and the USA are forecasting huge growth in the space sector between now and 2030 as governments and the private sector seek to harness the strategic and commercial opportunities on offer. Significant investment is also forecast from many other developed and emerging countries, with China at the forefront.

This will put immense pressure on the demand for experienced personnel across the full spectrum of the space job market.

It is already recognised, by government and industry, that there are chronic shortages of skilled and experienced engineers. The anticipated growth will put even greater strain on the recruitment market so competition for the best resources will become even more intense.

At the same time, the age profile of space professionals suggests further pressure as a significant percentage of people are approaching retirement at the same time as there are lower numbers of new entrants. The industry relies heavily on highly educated people, and these same people are equally in demand from other sectors.

Governments and industry are investing heavily in new training strategies and facilities but it will take some time for these initiatives bear fruit.

At Nebula Space, we believe that corporate recruitment processes will need to change if organisations are to attract the talent they need and avoid missing out.

Nebula’s space engineering experience gives us a unique perspective from the viewpoints of the hiring manager and the job seeker.  This allows us to achieve the right matches for both parties. The efficiency of our approach reduces time, cost and disruption for everyone and helps employer and employee compete more effectively in the rapidly evolving jobs market.