Electrical AIT Engineer

Category: Assembly Integration Test / Verification Type: Permanent Added: 02 Mar 2022 Location: United Kingdom
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Our client is looking to augment their growing team with an individual with the skills and capabilities to work hands-on with space electrical hardware, translating designs into reality. Your skill and attention to detail will translate directly to on-orbit mission success..


The Electrical AIT Engineer is likely to have experience in the following areas

· Experience of working in a 100,000 class clean room environment,

· Assembly of small precision components accurately and in accordance with written procedures.

· Wiring hardness experience to IPC WHMA-620

  • Must have electro-mechanical skills, including (but not limited to):
    • Wire harness fabrication, routing, and repair
    • Electrical crimping and splicing
    • Installation of ESD components
    • Electrical bonding, electrical grounding, and heater bonding
    • System testing
    • Experience crimping and splicing wires as small as 36 awg
    • Experience performing connector rework, including opening a connector, removing the back shell, extracting and inserting pins, re-clocking a connector, and using a torque wrench to re-assemble a connector.
  • Knowledge and proficiency in a variety of precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, strain gauges, accelerometers, calipers, multimeters, and oscilloscopes. high magnification binocular microscopes, borescopes
  • Ability to interpret 3D engineering drawings.
  • General shop skills, including Foreign Object Debris prevention, material handling, safety, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and contamination control.
  • Must be well versed in safety regulations, including detecting, reporting, and correcting safety issues.
  • Ability to identify, troubleshoot, and solve problems on the job.
  • Perform fabrication tasks as required to support assembly such as wire harness fabrication and precision cleaning.
  • Knowledge of cleanliness and operational procedures related to build and test of precision products,
  • In process inspection using a range of equipment including; high magnification binocular microscopes, borescopes
  • The ability to interact with and use electronic based data capture methods
  • Precision build of electrical hardware to demanding tolerances and procedures,
  • Electrical check out and testing at device level
  • The ability to learn new techniques and skills,
  • A natural ability to be accurate and precise in all activities.
  • Soldering and crimping to ESA standards

The Clean Room Technician will report to the Production Controller. The Production Controller will oversee the technical direction, work allocation and training of the successful applicant.