Where Did All The Propulsion Engineers Go?

Calling Propulsion Engineers!

This is an extremely exciting time to be part of the space and satellite industry. The NewSpace movement and the injection of entrepreneurship and privately financed missions are literally shaking things up. There’s so much going on; from reusable rockets, interplanetary missions, asteroid prospecting and a small satellite renaissance is underway. These initiatives are all slated for the near to medium term. It’s an amazing time to be involved in space. For new and existing projects, they all have one thing in common. Any launch vehicle or spacecraft going into space will need propulsion. The trouble is, that the people who specialise in this most important aspect of spacecraft engineering, are few and far between.

Due to the nature of the job, being a Propulsion Engineer or a Space Engineer in another field is not really a straightforward thing. Location of space companies tend to be centred in certain areas, both in the UK and abroad, and this leaves Engineers in a difficult position. Do you commute? Do you live out of a suitcase during the week and go home at weekends? Do you re-locate and uproot the family unit? So, it’s very understandable that, when a permanent Propulsion Engineer job comes along, it is snapped up quickly, safe in the knowledge that you have a long-term future with a company and making the effort to move the children to a new area , new school and spouse to a new job, was all worth it. Once settled in a permanent job, there is also the important matter of job security – and many prefer this to a more mobile mentality.

The other scenario tends to take you to a high paid contract job, which may be abroad. Though shorter term, the extra money makes up for the inconvenience of a short-term move for the family, if that is what is agreed.

With the developments being brought in by NewSpace, there is set to be a great deal of demand from aerospace companies for Propulsion Engineers to work on a range of projects. Companies will be looking for candidates that display specific skills and talents, but we are facing a shortage of these vital people.

Nebula Space takes a different approach to recruitment. As Engineers and space industry experienced ourselves, we have been in your position and we know the kind of difficult decisions that have to be made when looking for a new role. We understand that you might have a family and other commitments and that you want to find a contract or permanent position. That is why our primary aim is to get to know you and to build trust – not just between us, but between yourself and the companies that we find talent for.

If you are a one of those rare Propulsion Engineers that are looking for a new challenge, get in touch with Nebula Space – we have multiple positions available. We will help you at every step of the process and match you with your ideal role.